Upcoming Webinar - Incorporating R into your Clinical Legacy Workflows

2021-06-08 Mike Stackhouse (Atorus Research)
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When it comes to adopting open source tools into clinical processes, there are many questions that have to be addressed, such as how do we migrate legacy workflows over to new programming languages? How do we upskill a workforce to use these new tools? Join us June 22nd for a discussion with Michael Rimmler about how GSK was able to do this. Read more →

Building Effective Data Science Teams

2021-06-03 Rachael Dempsey
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Last month’s webinar featured data science leaders from Caliber Home Loans, The Looma Project, Saturn Cloud, T-Mobile, and Warner Music Group to start to answer the question, "What does it take to build a successful data science team?" Read more →

Announcing RStudio Workbench

2021-06-02 Daniel Petzold
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RStudio Server Pro is now RStudio Workbench. With growing support for a wide range of development environments, we believe this new release is the best single platform to support open source, code-first data science, whether your team is using R or Python. Read more →

RStudio Workbench: VS Code Sessions

2021-06-02 Maria Semple
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The RStudio Workbench Juliet Rose release introduces support for VS Code sessions. Previously released as a preview feature in RStudio Server Pro v1.4, VS Code sessions are now fully supported. Once VS Code sessions have been configured, users can launch them simply by changing the ‘Editor’ field in the New Session dialog. With addition of support for VS Code sessions alongside standard RStudio sessions, Jupyter Lab sessions, and Jupyter Notebook sessions, RStudio Workbench now allows data scientists to more easily analyze their data, whatever their preferred language and editor. Read more →

(Re)Introducing the "Solutions" website

2021-05-27 Mark Sellors
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RStudio's solutions website has been around for a long time and has recently undergone an extensive redesign Read more →

Centralizing your Analytics Infrastructure with eoda and Covestro

2021-05-25 Samantha Toet
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On June 16th, we’ll be teaming up with eoda and Covestro to discuss—in German—how they put their data science into production by developing a unified infrastructure. Read more →

ASA DataFest 2021

2021-05-20 Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel
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The American Statistical Association (ASA) DataFest is a celebration of data in which teams of undergraduates work around the clock to find and share meaning in a large, rich, and complex data set. The teams that impress the judges win prizes, and the event is a great opportunity for them to gain some data analysis experience. As part of our mission to support open source data science, RStudio was proud to help sponsor this event, and provide RStudio Cloud as a platform to help enable collaboration within the teams Read more →

Managing COVID Vaccine Distribution, With a Little Help From Shiny

2021-05-18 Jesse Mostipak
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Data Driven West Virginia, in collaboration with the WV Army National Guard, built a COVID vaccine management system using Shiny to help quickly and efficiently distribute vaccines throughout the state. Read more →

Code-First Data Science for the Enterprise

2021-05-12 Lou Bajuk and Nick Rohrbaugh
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While you may already be a practitioner of code-first data science with R or Python, chances are you work within a larger organization with many analytic tools. In this post, we give you some advice on navigating this landscape, and convincing others in your organization of the value of code-first data science. Read more →

Low Friction Package Management in Three Parts

2021-05-06 Alex K Gold
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Successful package management strategies are usually a three-part plan with clearly delineated responsibilities between admins and data scientists. Read more →